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How to Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally

Take Care of Your Feet at Home NaturallyFeet seem to be a part of our body that most tend to neglect. They are not highly visible like our face, so we leave foot care until the end. This neglect can however not only lead to dirty or bad looking feet but too dangerous foot problems. This is especially true if you have diabetes or some other case where there is a loss of feeling in your feet.



How to Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally
How to Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally

Wear shoes and socks at all times to protect your feet from external damage. Avoid walking barefoot at all costs, at least wear socks which are clean and lightly padded. It is even better if they have no seams that can press into your feet. Make sure your footwear fits well; otherwise the discomfort can also harm feet. Every time shoe is but on check them for any small particles that could potentially damage your feet.

How to Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally



How to TakeCare of Your Feet Naturally
Protect it From Weather – How to take care of Your Feet Naturally


Protect your feet from both heat and cold. The heat can sear skin and cause uncomfortable blisters, and too much cold can numb feet. In extreme cases, you can even get frost bite which can lead to loss of toes or even the foot. Most people do not wear sunscreen on feet, but they are also part of your body and require protection. So always remember to wear sunscreen.





Like the usage of sunscreen, the use of moisturizers should not be neglected. Also, these moisturizers should be put on both the tops and bottoms of the feet, but not in between toes. Having moisturizer in between toes can encourage fungal infections to grow. Try to use balms and heal creams with salicylic acid or urea to soften calluses or blisters. This way of softening them is better than forcefully removing them by callus removes or peeling them.



Calluses-How to TakeCare of Your Feet Naturally
Calluses_How to take care of Your Feet Naturally

Corns and calluses are very normal, especially if you have a habit of walking barefoot. DO NOT use corn plasters, removing creams, or cut them with blades or razors. This can cause infection. At the most gently smooth it out with a pumice stone after baths, and only rub it in one direction. Otherwise, the skin will tear, and that can again cause infection. If the calluses are too intense, it is better to consult your doctor for a treatment plan.




Wash your feet regularly, and keep them clean. Do not use others footwear, as you are not in charge of keeping others feet clean and hygienic, so you never know how dirty they are. It isn’t healthy to share shoes or socks.



Always Be Active
Always Be Active

Run, play, and move around at all times to increase blood flow into feet. Sitting too much can also numb them and cause numerous problems. Always be active with a running blood flow to ensure good health throughout your body.




Check your feet every day for cuts, sores, bruises, etc. Treat them immediately so as not to hurt them further. Feet are something that is used very often, so even through cuts and bruises, we walk on them. So it is important to keep them clean and without infection.



KEEP TOE NAILS CLEAN_TakeCare of Your Feet at Home Naturally
KEEP TOENAILS CLEAN-TakeCare of Your Feet at Home Naturally

Always keep your toenails trimmed and clean. Always smooth the corners with the filer, do not cut them otherwise they can grow into the skin. If that does happen, it is important to consult the doctor right away as you will need to get it out with surgery to prevent infection. Other reasons to get your doctor to see your nails will be if you cannot see or reach them if they are too thick or yellow if they curve and grow into the skin. Also, do not use flat nail trimmers, use curved trimmers that are like toenail clippers. When using nail polish use polish that doesn’t have formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, or alcohol. Rub petroleum jelly, vitamin oil, and cuticle cream on cuticles and rub it in to keep them moisturized. Take care of Your Feet at Home Naturally




Wash feet every day in warm water, not hot water. Some do not recommend that you soak your feet in the water, but even while soaking it should only don’t for 10 – 15 minutes and then pumice stone should be used on it. To further clean, it uses botanical or exfoliating scrubs and applies butter after. Even while taking a bath the temperature should only be 90 – 95F.

  • PREVENTING INFECTION – Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally


Foot Medicare
Foot Medicare

Use of talcum powder, cornstarch, or any powder you prefer in between toes is recommended to prevent infection. This is because fungus grows in warm and wet areas, so drying the area prevents fungal infections. In a case of fungus antifungal treatments come in many forms like – lacquers, creams, lotions, liquids, spray powders, and spray liquids. If it is toenail fungus not all work as this type of fungus is difficult to treat. Ingredients that are proven helpful in the composition of the drugs are terbinafine, tolnaftate, miconazole, ciclopirox, or clotrimazole. Tea tree oil or melaleuca oil works even on mild athlete’s foot. To keep feet dry try aluminum chloride hexahydrate, this is in medicated powders and sprays.

  • DIY PEDICURE – Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally




Once every two weeks, it is also important to go ahead a treat your feet to a little pedicure. There is no need to go to salons and spend your time and money; you can do it yourself! So here is a little DIY self-pedicure.

  • First always start with a gentle foot massage where you knead sales, press into soles with thumbs going in a circular motion, loosen the muscles, and stretch toes and let go of tightness. Due to all the nerve endings in feet, this process relaxes the whole body.
  • Next soak your feet with oils and bath salts while rubbing them with the salt to exfoliate. Do not soak in hot water and make sure the water is just warm.
  • Use moisturizers to smoothen and soften the skin.
  • Now cut the nails while they are soft. Do not cut the cuticles, just gently push them back.
  • Apply nail polish to create a protection layer over nails, and also to have them looking gorgeous.


Shoes Use
Shoes Use

Here is a little advice on the types of shoes you should use and which ones to avoid:

Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally

  • Don’t wear vinyl or plastic shoes as they don’t allow air to pass and your feet to breath. This causes a perfect environment for fungus to grow.
  • They have to fit right for comfort, but not too tight and must have room for toes.
  • Do not put too much pressure on your feet by wearing spiked or high heels. This will cause a lot of unnecessary pain.
  • Always buy shoes in the evening because it is scientifically proven that your feet are largest at that time of day. So buying them morning might make you buy a size too small.
  • Take Care of Your Feet at Home Naturally

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