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How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat: If you take a survey of the worlds’ population, tummy and arm fat would easily come out on top as the toughest fat to lose. Working to lose this fat would result in losing fat in other parts of your body as well. If your arm is fat, there are high chances other parts of your body are overweight as well, and that is just how our body works. Think about it yourself, have you seen anyone with just massive arms? No, because that is just not how our body works, it spreads fast everywhere. However, it could be true that your arms show more significantly. So you may want to concentrate on your arms, but it is similar to overall fat loosening.

How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat
How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

It is said again, and again that diet and exercise go hand in hand to not only lose arm weight or any weight but to stay healthy. So let’s first start with food, and I have to say that though this is for everyone to stay healthy, it’s known to work especially in women. For men, you might need more vigorous exercise to go with it.

Diet – How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

Before we hit the exercise mat, let’s go through the diet that is recommended to lose weight in these areas.

  1. Do not eat refined carbs. They have zero nutritional value, so they do not benefit the body in any way. It is better to switch them in for whole wheat and grain cereals and pasta. There is no need to eat something that you do not like; there are plenty of healthy options out there that you will find taste.
  2. Substitute sugar with other options, especially sugary and carbonated drinks. Instead, try to have other beverages like juices or tea. These sugary drinks are particularly bad to the belly and arm fat.
  3. Check the time gap between your dinner and your bedtime. This shortcoming should be at least 2hrs, and this helps burn fat and food digest in between. Getting on the bed or sitting down for a long time after dinner is an easy way to gain fat.
  4. Drink lots of water, especially a glass before your meal. This will make you feel full and suppress your appetite. There are also times when the feeling of thirst is confused with hunger, so when you feel like eating try drinking water. This also helps when you feel like you have had enough food, but your appetite is not satisfied. Instead of taking seconds have a glass of water.
  5. Do not at any cost have fast food, or better yet do not eat out at all unless they are a nutrition oriented restaurant. These not only provide zero nutrition food but they all a whole bunch of unnecessary fat in place of healthy foods that should be consumed.

Exercises – How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

Arm exercises

It is crucial to building muscle because muscle burns more calories than fat. Any activity that focuses on arm muscles, like triceps and biceps. Just pick an exercise that works for you and you are comfortable with. Also, start with small weights (for women) because sudden large weights might harm you. Consult a professional on the recommended loads for you. If you have exercised before, you know what works for you so keep doing it. For this article, I will be focusing on beginners.

For biceps, pushups are great but not everyone can do them, so try starting by having a push up on the wall. However do note that this will show the very slight difference in women, men will have to work out a bit more vigorously. There are different stages in pushups starting with the wall and ending with the real push ups. To show different moderations of it below is a video that shows them, you can go to the channel on youtube for more information as well.

Triceps should also be exercised to for a complete arm workout, so below is a video that describes these simple triceps exercises. Usually, you would need dumbells for this one

These activities will apply to men too, but for biceps, they have to be more of a standard pushup for results, and for triceps just use bigger weights.

Abdomen exercises – How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

To get rid of that annoying extra fat near your midriff, there is nothing better than ab exercises. Exercises like crunches, leg lift, and planks help a lot. Check out the video below for more information.

For men, – How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

For women, – How to Lose Tummy and Arm Fat

So hope those workouts help! More importantly do them regularly with a proper diet, and there is no way you will not lose weight!

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