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Do’s and Dont’s of Green tea and Green Tea Benefits

Do’s and Dont’s of Green tea and Green Tea Benefits : Green tea ? Check. Exercise ? Check. Diet ? Check. Even with the combinations of diet, exercise and green tea already on your list, are you still struggling to be on the receiving end of all the weight loss benefits the world seems privy to? Then here are a few, less known, pointers you might be doing wrong and want to ‘check’ out.

green tea benefits
green tea benefits

Be honest

Stop right there! Before even starting the article properly, look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself “how honest am I being right now?” This maybe difficult to do and I can see how some may be annoyed by this, but it is true. Following a diet, or a daily exercise routine, or remembering to take green tea at the correct time every day even can be tough in our busy schedules. Now the chances that all three are being done correctly over a long period? This is especially difficult for those who are just starting these healthy habits but hang in there because you are not alone in this. There are plenty of people who are struggling with the same problem. So the first thing to do is be honest, and try very hard to follow your diet plan, exercise plan, and green tea routine. If you slip, let it go and try again. This is the hardest point to overcome, but there are other reasons why your green tea might not be doing its job, so let us continue.

Sugar, spice, and everything nice – Green Tea Benefits

Adding sugar or too much honey into your green tea is a huge, as the French say it, ‘faux pas.’ Adding sugar is directly adding calories into your system and ruining what the green tea is trying to accomplish. From experience I know most people know that sugar is a big no-no, but what about honey? I know a bunch of people who find it ok to dump a whole lot of honey into their green tea because honey is healthy, right? This is very much wrong. Although a little bit of honey should be ok, most honey products have a lot of sugar added to them. This is something that most are unaware of and use honey as a substitute to satisfy their sweet tooth. Even the little bit of honey should be pure honey, so check the sugar contents of your brand of honey the next time you buy it. Some brands add more sugar than others, but it is better to get the honey directly from a bee farm if possible. Bee farm honey is a lot more fluid in structure and not as sticky as store bought honey, as it is fresh and free of impurities. As for the taste, pure honey is a bit more sharp and bitter, and not as sweet as the store bought honey. When tasting both the tastes are easily distinguishable, so try and use pure honey or no honey at all. As for anyone using sugar, a big NO. .!


Check the brand of green tea that you’re are purchasing, as some are purer than others. Some even tend to use more fillers so the total benefit of green tea is lost. This is why natural green tea leaves are preferred over bags or powder as they cannot be messed with. If you must buy bags or powder, do cross check the brands and how well their users recommend.

Hot or cold? – Green Tea Benefits

gren tea do's and donts
gren tea do’s and donts

Some people like to have their green tea cold, and by cold, I mean cold. Iced green teas are fine and do not cause any harm to health, but having the green tea hot has been proven to show better weight loss results. Whether it is the heat or the fact that the extra water used in making iced green tea dilutes compounds beneficial for the proper effect of tea, it is not known. However results are results, and most green tea users recommend having it hot. However, their are those few who claim that some types of iced green teas, like lavender, green tea, do help reduce weight. I am also aware that some will disagree with this point as iced green tea has worked for them, but remember that different body types work in different ways. As per statistics, hot green tea seems to be doing a whole lot better than cold.

Expiring tea – Green Tea Benefits

As green tea is a tea herb, most know that they do not spoil, hence there shouldn’t be any concern for expiry. This is true green tea doesn’t really expire, however it’s antioxidant properties do. As antioxidants from green tea have a huge part in the weight loss properties of it, loosing them will drastically change how well green tea effects your weight. Antioxidant potency expires 6 months after the manufacturing of the green tea, so it is better to use within 6 months. Fresher the green tea, higher the antioxidants and higher the benefits. So immediately check the date on your green tea to see if this maybe the problem.

green tea
green tea

Not enough green tea

Another issue might be that you are not providing your body with enough green tea, but you might be taking the optimum 2-3 times a day. This does not mean that you should increase the number of time you take green tea by any means, as that would also add more caffeine to your diet. What you can do however is substitute green tea for green tea extract. 1 ml of green tea extract per day equals to 8-10 cups of green tea without the negative effects of having direct green tea to this extent. This acts as a supplement to drinking regular green tea and can also be considered if having green tea to its optimum amount is not convenient or to your taste. In fact, green tea extract is known to provide great results . . .!

Green Tea Benefits

Package is not for you

One of the simplest reasons could be that green tea, exercise, and diet are all their, but the whole package is just not right for you. What this means is that maybe your consumption of green tea is not enough, or the type of exercises you are doing are not right for you. Also you might want to reconsider your diet and check with a nutritionist on what is right for you. Green tea aside, exercise and diets are both topics with a large spectrum. Anything can go wrong with either of them, especially because we are combining them with the even more complicated system that is our human body. Make sure if nothing is working, you get professional advice on both your diet and your exercise routine. This should definetly help turn things around!

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