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Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women: 

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women
Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

The world around us has a problem that is getting bigger and bigger. Obesity is a huge issue, not only because it is causing everyone to be out of shape, but it is leading to serious health problems like diabetes, or heart problems. The leading cause for this is all the fat that we then to consume, leading it to clog up important parts of our bodies (ex. arteries). The solution to this problem is to go on a diet, or exercise plan that burns this fat at a rate that matches the rate of consumption. This way it won’t clog up any paths in our body. To help with this process, there are substances known as ‘fat burners’ made to aid us in our mission to lose weight. However there are lots of fat burners out there which don’t always work, and some even have harmful side effects. So this articles helps you decide which fat burner is best for you, and how to use them.

What is a fat burner? – Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

Not everyone is aware of these fat burning substances, so what are they exactly? And what is in them that helps us lose fat? Well, a fat burner is a natural or human-made substance that is used to burn fat. However, a good fat burner will also help you get tight, increase energy levels for better workouts, burn more calories, speed metabolism, and suppress appetites.

How does it work? – Best Fat Burner for Men and WomenBest Fat Burner for Men and Women

Fat burners work by increasing your metabolism. This helps your body not only burn fat while working out but it increases your calorie burning while at rest aka resting metabolism. This works because fat burners are a mix of stimulants and herbs that increase overall body temperature. Higher the temperature of the body the faster calories burn during exercise or otherwise. Think of it as having a fever, when you are sick, and your body temperature rises you tend to lose more calories and hence more weight. Of course, you would lose more calories during sickness due to weakness and overall fight your body is going through, but that is where the exercise comes in.

Things to look for in fat burners – Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

As aforementioned, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fat burners available out in the market. To help you choose the right one, here are a few things that you should look for in the composition of the fat burners:

Green tea extract – Green tea is known to increase the metabolism of a body, and that too in the long term. So if your fat burner contains green tea extract, then you are aware that it will probably help lose weight by increasing your body temperature causing the long-term increase in metabolism.

Green coffee bean extract – Helps burn fat. (Best Fat Burner for Men and Women)

Garcinia – this compound works by inhibiting the fat producing enzymes in the body.

Razberi – K – this substance is known to help break down fat faster to be converted into energy. So it helps the initial cause of matching the rate of consumption of fat to the rate of burning it.

Caffeine – Caffeine is known for it’s stimulating properties. It works on both mind and body and helps reduce fat by increasing metabolism.Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

L – Carnitine – Not to be confused with carnitine, which is known to be harmful, L-carnitine helps transport the fatty acids to mitochondria, where the ‘powerhouse’ converts it to energy.


Phosphatidylserine – this substance helps block out cortisol, which is a stress hormone. We all know that stress is dreadful for our body and mind, sometimes being the unknown culprit behind obesity. It could also reduce binge eating that sometimes happens due to excess pressure.

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

Yerba mate – this South American herb is known for its high caffeine content, which in turn increases metabolism.

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

What to avoid in fat burners: Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

Some companies try to ‘over-achieve’ with their fat burners, leading to usage of substances in them that can be harmful and result in other health hazards. Improper use of some materials is known to cause stress, insomnia, and other health issues. Some of the following are even banned in parts of the world:

Ephedra – this substance directly affects the heart and nervous system. These systems in our body are so complicated that it is better to not mess with them. This substance is banned the USA, but there is a synthetic version called ephedrine.

DMAE – this substance is known to cause headaches, insomnia, and muscle tension. So better avoided.

DMAA – This is a very dangerous substance that is known to narrow down arteries and cause heart attacks, which makes it redundant to use as that is the very thing we are trying to avoid by losing fat content. This substance is banned in the USA but available everywhere else so should be prevented at all cost.

Carnitine – Again not to be confused with L-carnitine, carnitine, and forskolin is not that harmful, but they have not been proven very effective.

Bitter orange extract – another word for this compound is ‘synephrine’ which is considered safe in small doses, but there are fat burners that use it as a main ingredient. So if the content is 50mg per day, then it is alright, but more than that is considered very harmful.

Advantages and disadvantages of fat burners

They are proven to be helpful, but fat burners are not for everyone. It is highly recommended to consult a professional before taking any fat burner, regardless of how ‘herbal’ or ‘natural’ they are. If you have any health problems related to heart, liver, and kidney, then stay away from fat burners. Also, some fat burners fall under the list of performance enhancing drugs, so if you are an athlete be careful on which ones you take. Check for a stamp of your league saying ‘ok’ to the fat burner or consult an official website of the league.  Another precaution to take would be by taking the fat burner in the morning, as they are known to make you active and jittery. Taking them afternoon will affect your sleep cycle and may cause insomnia.


  • They do help burn fat faster by increasing your temperature and metabolism, so it makes it easier to burn fat in exercise.
  • Some suppress the desire to eat, which is a big help in some cases as that is the cause for weight gain.
  • Since they claim to increase metabolism, it will help your body lose weight even in a state of rest.


  • The extra caffeine content may cause anxiety and insomnia. So if such problems exist in prior, it’s better not to add them to your diet.
  • Can cause side effects, especially if you don’t check the ingredients on them and they end up harmful. Some of these side effects are; palpitations, anxiety, insomnia, vomiting, and dizziness. Herbal fat burners are considered better but still contain high levels of caffeine.

List of human-made fat burners

To further help with the decision of which fat burners to use, here is a list of fat-burners that are highly recommended by professionals and concerned consumers. The top three will be detailed out, so the advantages are obvious, but after the pattern will be evident so that the list will continue.

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

1. Instant knockout


  • 500mg green tea extract
  • 100mg green coffee bean extract
  • vitamin B6
  • all natural ingredients


  • It is new, so of the latest research
  • green tea extract helps with metabolism
  • green coffee bean extract for metabolism and to suppress appetite
  • makes dieting easier
  • Excellent user reviews
  • boosts energy levels
  • all natural
  • uses ingredients from our recommended list
  • no harmful ingredients


  • Available only online
  • A bit expensive

2. Physique series fat burner and stimulants


  • 400mg green tea
  • cayenne pepper
  • 5-HTP


  • green tea for metabolism
  • cayenne pepper extract burns fat
  • 5-HTP suppresses appetite
  • increases energy and focus
  • good review, especially on appetite suppression
  • the stimulant free version also available


  • only available online
  • premium-priced

3. Thermakor


  • 50 mg for lean
  • 300mg green tea extract
  • garcinia Cambogia
  • 200mg razberi-k


  • It helps get less fat and more lean mass
  • increases metabolism
  • suppresses appetite
  • decreases absorption of fat
  • only need to take one pill twice a day
  • good reviews


  • only online
  • premium-priced

4. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

5. Cellucor Super HD

6. NLA for Her Shred (for women)

7. Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite (recommended fo men, can be used by both)

8. Lean mode by EVL Nutrition

9. BSN Hyder Shred

10. BPI Sports RoxyLean

11. RSP Nutrition Quadralean

12. Nutrex Lipo-6 Black Hers Ultra (for women)

All of the above are recommended, and although both genders can use all, some are just a little bit more recommended for one over the other.

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

Natural fat burners

When it comes to both men and women, nothing is better than natural fat burners that nature provided for us. These are not only healthy and burn your fat, but also have absolutely no side effects (unless you are allergic to them of course!).

1. Green tea

gren tea do's and donts

Green tea extract is one of the most highly recommended substance to look for in a fat burner, so it’s no coincidence that having the real green tea also helps. Green tea is known to increase metabolism and burn fat. It is recommended that you have it 2-3 times a day to stay healthy and burn fat.

Best Fat Burner for Men and Women

2. Blackcurrant

Blackcurrant extract is a highly effective way for burning fat. It is known to increase fat oxidation very effectively as it helps activate an enzyme that transports fat into the mitochondria. Taking 300mg tablets daily have shown to give best results. To consume it even more naturally, it is found in dark fruits and vegetables such as plums, cherries, and aubergines.


3. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a highly recommended diet food, and it helps cut down fat. The only problem is its bitter taste, but the result is worth it.


4. Blueberries

Blueberries also help increase metabolism and cut down fat. Also, they are great to eat frequently, frozen, or in yogurt. This goes for all berries with high water content, as they act as hunger suppressors.


5. Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt, when compared to regular yogurt, has twice as much protein making it much harder to digest. This means it takes longer to digest and acts as a hunger suppressor. It works even better if you make sure that it is nonfat, low fat, and low sugar.


6. Quinoa grain

This grain has high quantities of iron, zinc, selenium, vitamin E, hunger-busting protein, and fiber. All these combined are highly healthy, increase metabolism, and also suppress hunger due to the protein and fiber.


7. Watermelon

This and other high water content fruit are great to have before meals as they do not provide any fat, yet fill you up.  Great way to suppress hunger, and eat less.


8. Raw vegetables

Fresh vegetables contain no fat, so it is an excellent way to avoid fat in the first place. Also, they contain more fiber and protein which is hard for our stomach to digest. A great example of this would be celery, where it is known that it takes more calories to eat a celery stick than it gives you from consuming it.


9. Coffee

Instead of taking fat burners with coffee extract, have a cup of coffee yourself. Coffee has caffeine content to burn down the fat by increasing metabolism.


10. Oatmeal

Again, because it is so much harder to digest than regular cereal, oatmeal is an excellent way to suppress hunger and a great breakfast substitute.


11. Almonds

Almonds are great for your health as it provides essential oils, high memory power, and now we know that it has weight losing capabilities as well. Eating it daily for six months has shown loss of 18% fat in some cases.

So these are all the ways to increase the fat burning capability of your body. Try them and do let us know what worked for you or if you have any that has been missed!

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